Thank you so much for checking out my "Skull Von Bronze" & "Skull Von Pewter" creations.  Skulls have been a passion of mine since my days in the NY punk scene.  I consider skulls to be  art  and many times they are downright festive!  

   All of my skulls are original design and custom crafted in the USA using "green" fabricating techniques.  Each skull is heavy solid bronze or pewter and one of a kind.  These are NOT basic stamped out metal hardware pieces from overseas.  

   ***SHIPPING TIMES FOR MOST BRONZE SKULLS IS  6 TO 8 WEEKS AND 2 WEEKS FOR PEWTER.... BECAUSE THEY ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER***.  The best things in life can take a bit of time to acquire!   Please feel free to contact me for stock checking and lead times.  All bronze metal finishes are hand applied "living finishes" that weather and change with time and handling.

   Thank you so much and please feel more than free to contact me with questions, thoughts, and whatever moves you!  Rock On!  

Frank DeAngelis